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Cannabis Real Estate California

Compliant cannabis real estate is the cornerstone to achieving state and local licenses. IndoGro Properties principals are experts in the ever-evolving legal landscape of cannabis real estate leasing and operator licensing. Legal compliance is IndoGro Properties top priority when acquiring buildings or when scouting for future cannabis campus development sites. IndoGro Properties stays on the cutting edge of cannabis compliance by participating in the political system and advocating for the adoption of fair and comprehensive cannabis ordinances. Ultimately, persuading cities which have banned commercial cannabis uses, would generate friendly competition among cities, reducing regulatory costs for operators and lowering prices for consumers.


Medical Marijuana Facility Los Angeles

From indoor, mixed-light, outdoor, to manufacturing, processing, testing, distributing, and retail and delivery too, IndoGro Properties acquires the right cannabis compliant real estate for the job. With more than twenty years experience in the industrial real estate development sector, IndoGro Properties has the market knowledge and relationships to access the ideal properties and market for an operator's specific cannabis license type. Once acquired, IndoGro Properties upgrades the facilities optimized explicitly for the operator's set-up. Leasing the right building, at the right rate, with the right upgrades enables our tenants to focus towards growing and expanding their business, all while conserving precious working capital.



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Operational utility expense can be one of the single most significant and unpredictable costs for a high-use cannabis production facility. IndoGro Properties engineers it's cannabis real estate for optimal energy efficiency while supporting control systems. IndoGro Properties develops and deploys its energy program based on individual operator preferred methods and SOPs. Additionally, the program is monitored on a continuous basis and tuned to achieve long-term efficiency. Saving energy, intelligently, means saving money without sacrificing yield, process or final results. In a commoditizing market-place, production cost control is essential to establishing a competitive cannabis production business.

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Cannabis Real Estate
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IndoGro Properties is a premier developer and real estate management firm focused exclusively on cannabis real estate for the production-side of the legal cannabis supply chain. IndoGro targets existing urban and regional industrial warehouses and upgrades the facilities, design-engineered explicitly for cannabis operator’s high demand and specialized use. The firm targets compliant real estate in major metropolitan markets focused on districts and sub-markets near employment centers, transportation, recreation, and entertainment for its indoor facilities and secondary and rural markets for mixed-light and outdoor cultivation.
  " Our mission is to be a valued real estate
partner for awesome cannabis businesses. " 
The firm’s core strength is its proven professional team which has a fundamental understanding of industrial real estate, state and local operator licensing requirements, and the intricacies of land use and zoning laws. IndoGro properties only own and leases real estate which is compliant to ensure the operator's licenses once earned, are never at risk. The firm’s principals and its investment partners have previously developed more than 3.5 million square feet of Industrial real estate and currently manages a portfolio of more than 6.5 million square feet of commercial real estate across all asset classes. The firm's investors and joint venture partners include some of the nation’s most sophisticated equity groups, family offices, private lenders and financial institutions. 
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