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CA-15 Companies win 10% of Cannabis Licenses

We’re not even a month into recreational marijuana sales in California, and already, the state has been issuing 50 marijuana licenses per day. The team at Cannabiz Media has been tracking these licenses closely, and with thousands of licenses still pending in the state’s queue, the team believes this license pace will continue well into the future.

We all know how big the California market is (it’s the sixth largest economy in the world), so it’s not surprising that a large number of marijuana licenses have already been awarded across the value chain. For a bit of background, it helps to understand how the California regulatory structure works when it comes to issuing licenses:

  • Department of Food and Agriculture: Licenses cultivators of both medical and recreational marijuana. Department of Public Health: Licenses manufacturers of cannabis-infused edibles for medical and recreational use. Bureau of Cannabis Control: Licenses retailers, distributors, testing labs, and microbusinesses.​


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